Where do you buy..

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im interested in these little kits do they come with boards and parts or just ic's and i tryed emailing you but here is the servers Fail message..

link to boards ...
http://www.apexjr.com/images/APEX JR ALESIS AMP MODULE #2.jpg

Where is your location.. how many do you have.. ? 6.95 each that must be us but that is still cheap what is shipping costs do yuo think..?

what else do you sell..

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The 26,000Mfd 75V caps I have 600 in stock
The Alesis Modules Are a bi-amped board
the way you see it on the website, they are complete
w/ LM 3886T 68W and a LM 2976T 40 Watt chips
and the crossover and electronic parts, all you would need
is a power supply and I stock the BL 1733 transformer
people are using along with caps and bridges.....
And even a heat sink for $3.95 that would go great with the
amp. Also pictured on the new arrival page.
Still have a good stock of the Alesis Modules.say a little
under 500 left ( sold over 700 so far)
Apex Jr
id like to buy 2 of them moduels if they come with boards and every thing to build up the board is it just the ic's or the whole thing that i see there.. i have transformers out the ying yang that is not my problem id like 2 of them for my computer speakers that dont need alot of power.. can you tell me if they come with prefab boards ect ect and all the components on the boards all i have to do is put boards together..??

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or go to the bottom of any of the pages on the website.
I have no problem shipping to Canada, but will have to get you
a price tomorrow when the post office is open.
try and email me directly or call me after 8AM PST tomorrow.
phone # on the website
with what you want and I'll get you a price for shipping.
Sorry No COD's, to many problems in the past....
Apex Jr
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.