Where can I find binding posts like this?

Those are the thin diameter on the half that goes through the panel. I need the through-panel end to have the tick threads.

I need them to be pretty as well as functional. These are going on speakers in the living room, so WAF is important. Plus those have the narrow thru-panel threads.

I have stock -- Under the Jacks on my website along with others
Apex Jr.Home Page

That picture doesn't show solder tab rings. Do they in fact have them?
The Chinese 'pretty' looking binding posts are complete rubbish and I wish people would resist buying them on looks. The outer clear plastic almost always ends up skidding over the inner brass and they self destruct in no time.

Total waste of money, poor electrical contact pressure and don't in any way compare to the 'real' 4mm Hirschman units posted above.

Spring for the Hirschmans, the original WBTs, but not those garbage cheap copies.



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2014-01-25 12:58 pm
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