When you've built your amp

When you've done all this designing and building -- and once all the test equipment
gets replaced by "ears"...

what music do you tend to send through your triumphs first ?

I trial to go with

  • Blinded by the light - Manfred Mann's Earth Band
  • Appletree man -- All about Eve
  • Time -- Pink Floyd
  • Tale of the calendar prince -- 2nd movement of Scheherazade -- Rimsky Korsakov
  • Doctor Doctor -- The Thompson Twins
  • Elgar Cello Concerto - e minor - Jacquiline DuPre
Eclectic choices!

Vinyl or CD?

Time and the Scheherazade would do, but...

A re-mastered Rhapsody in Blue, conducted by Bernstein
Antheil's Ballet Mechanique (the Paul Lehrman one)
Baroque trumpet by Winton Marsalis
Schubert's Trout
and Florenze Foster Jenkins, with schotch, off course!