whats inside the big ugly box?


2013-12-08 3:15 pm
acoustic stuffing, no. Bracing of those large spans, youd think it would be a good idea, but they dont exist either. 70s tech, still pretty good Ill add. But it would hit certain notes and sound gawd awful horrible and rumble like a fat guy that hasnt eaten breakfast.

Its only ugly from the bottom, the other sides are quite lush looking.

First I tried plugging up the ports for each 12 inch drivers chamber, that helped but didnt cure the problems. Some very rigid walnut bracing (two per side) should make a world for minimizing the ringing and resonating. Ill experiment with some batten as well. Its a good sub worth the effort. The original wiring is useless to me. Someone before me thought the same and added a plate amp. This sub in a medium room turns my organs upside down. Originally it speced around 22-23 hz I believe it was. Its tuned pretty low. Im trying it sealed firstly, then ill experiment with it open as well.

The finish is outstanding also, black walnut veneer with decades of grime hiding its true beauty. i can already see what steel wool and fine furntiture oil is going to bring out :D


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