• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Whats a good 6L6GC Stereo Amp Project

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I am a new member. I have just recently become interested in Tube Hi-Fi . I have built several tube guitar amps, so I know the basics but still consider myself a novice.

I would like to build a good sounding stereo amplifier. I would like to use 6l6gc`s and 12ax7`s or 12au7`s because of the availibility of these tubes. I have a working Heathkit aa-50 integrated amp for a parts donor.

What I am looking for is advice. What is a good design for me to build. Are there any amplifiers that use 6l6`s that are real "shinning stars"? Somthing that delivers good performance and will give years of listening enjoyment.


6L6, yes of course, Glenn

i have ever build a 6L6 rusian(triode connected) class A pushpull, drive by triode 6sN7 rusian as a split phase shif, and the gain stage using triode 6sL7 with a tubes rectifier 5U4 with a home build power transformer and output transformer, and this amplifier tone bright, its suitable to reproduce a guitar sound like ibanez, not a fat sound it not so suitable for bluesy sound gibson, try for a pentode or tetrode connected for a bluesy sound, it needs more power

just want to remind you
build an amp for guitar different way compare to build an amp for high end sound system

triode (300b,vt52,211..), pure class a, direct heat tubes, low harmonic distortion, low impedance, ussually suitable for high end

pentode (ef86,el34,6l6,6550..), high 2nd harmonic distortion, overloaded(un matched load, or speaker impedance), ussually suitable for a guitar amplifier

best amp in best purpose
Sorry, got to question the above post. :confused:

By that definition the Quad II is a great guitar amp because it uses 2 x EF86 + 2 x KT66 (variation on 6L6). I some how think that many people who use this amp would argue with you, as would any ST70 & Citation users.

Mind you I'm not anti DHT, as I'm in the process of getting the bits together for a 300b amp. :)


it's a nice having your correction on my statement, yes of course pentode is just the global statement for a great result in guitar amps.

kt66 is the variation in 6l6 but it is known better in a high end amplifier, and also kt88

we have a global line and also we have a special line for exception : and for example is kt66,kt88 etc tell me if you know the others ?

After I posted my reply I did some searching around. I wish I had bookmarked it but I came across a site that made 300b guitar amps!!

A fine example of cross pollenation, because IIRC it used a 6L6 as the driver.

When it comes down to it I really feel it is horses for courses. I wouldn't use a 2A3 to drive my Maggies, but maybe a 40watt 6L6 or 100watt KT88 might be a bit OTT.

Happy listening

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