What you'd advise for a "portable" but good sensitivity design?

Right now I have a setup that consists of two multi-way (ported) enclosures plus a sealed subwoofer. These enclosures were originally tuned for something around 50 Hz (can't tell exactly, I've got them with the speakers trashed), but I've rebuilt the speakers to have a higher sensitivity at mid-bass (100 Hz up) as the subwoofer is taking care of 100 Hz below.

But still, It is a bit weak sometimes, and I want to increase its sensitivity instead of just pumping more power (even why, the speakers are near their limit already at 25 W RMS per channel, they won't go much higher than that).

Making horns for the tweeters is easy, but I guess a folded horn design for the woofers would result in way too large enclosures to carry around with a half-full family car.

I guess that regarding the sub, my only practical solution is actually using a ported or sealed design and using more power.

But is there something I could do about the woofers for the 100-3000 Hz range?

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Horns may help you for a higher spl with still the same electric power. But notice the weakness can also be due to the tonal balance of the whole or the room. Often more spl is not more dynamic and sound becomes compressed and loudy. However pushing speakers at their limit is often bad for the sound : distorsion, clipping.

Maybe a Trynergy, Synergie could be a solution, while it asks new drivers...There are good FAST and little synergies at DIYAUDIO to dig out...