What we can do with 8x192/24 channel source?

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Or what we can do with any multi channel source?

My idea seems to me a little pervert :D Probably if I came to that now, that means that someone got it decades ago. - a professional for instance would have thought of it in the 50's.

Anyway, what do you think and have you heard of a system for reproduction where the number of recorded channels equals the number of the vocals+the number of instruments. Furthermore the number of power amps and the number of speakers equals the number of the sources and the speakers are situated on the reproduction stage in the same way related to each other and the stage as the vocals and instruments of the original presentation.

I can't think of any better reproduction. - the same guitar speakers can be used, for moving vocalists there can be a stereo pair on the sides of the reproduction stage and etc...

What's your opinion?

By the way, I'm not very sure that this topic is for that part of the forum.


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The problem with systems like this is always the source, unfortunately at the moment even if you got the original multi-track i still wouldn't be correct as that is taking in say mono tracks without relation to positioning and balance and therefore you need a mixed mulittrack that hasn't been mixed for stereo but for your system design. you would also have the problem that different studios have different layouts so for each cd you would be moving your speakers to match the physical relation. You also have to then choose a listening spot based on content and balance.

There was testing done back in the early 19th century where they transmitted sound from an orchestra with multiple microphones in place across the Atlantic over phone lines and hid speakers behind a curtain, they asked the audience to say when they thought the sound quality had drop. They slowly turn of transmission to speakers until the audience noticed, it turned out that only 3 channels were required to make realistic sound.

Now obviously that was quite some time ago and telephone quality drop the frequency response by quite a way, but in reality when you take into account the acoustic of you room and all the reflections refractions etc etc ..... you end up realizing that the best amount of speaker for most rooms is a single mono speaker, obviously this doesn't work for a proper stereo source.

just my 2 pence worth
I thought of an easier to install and use system - another version of that system.

Because here the goals are two - maximum stage realism and maximal sound resolution.

Obviously with a system that copies the original sound source arrangement the listener will have to re arrange the speakers for every song or album...

But instead of the pictured above system we can have a stereo pair consisting of 8 speakers each... Then again we will have the 8 or n - channel source, but after it we can have a DSP with 8 in and 16 out channels... The DSP will operate to a director's file which can be part of the source material played by the player...

So every of the original channels will be fed to two power amps each powering a speaker in one of the 2 stereo speakers.

So in this case each mono track will be fed to the respective left and right amps with different level and thus the positioning.

The relative level between the left and right pairs reproducing different instruments or vocals can be adjusted in a such way that depth positioning to be achieved.

All the data about the levels will be fed to the DSP...

by the way we're talking about some utopia here... I'm not going to build such thing soon! :)
Thank you for that! I have seen The Wall of Sound, but never knew about it's features.

You see, the industry is at halt and does not offer anything new and outstanding.
The drivers are a hundred year old technology. How better a Lowther, Fostex or Feastrex can become? All are oscillating membranes driven by a coil in magnetic field.
So we are stuck with the technology, but we can change it's application.

Imagine 8 TB 3 or 4 inch full ranges per side aided by 8 super tweeters and 4x 8 inch woofers per side. - pretty compact system say 100x30x40 cm (39x12x16 in). There is no problem with power amps too, now they are small and powerful enough so they together with the DAC can be integrated in or near to the speakers... So only digital signal will be delivered to the speakers.

For now we only lack the source...
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