What voltage regulator to use?

Hi Forum!

I need some advice regarding a PSU for my DAC project.

I have one torroid transformer with two 10 V secondaries. I plan to use output one for the digital supply and output two for analog. The output stage will have a seperate transformer.

The question is simple: What integrated (or other) voltage regulator is the best (hifi wize)? I know how to make PSU's but when it comes to hifi, maybe not all can be read from the datasheet?

I plan to use seperate regulators for each chip. That will be 3x3.3V digital, 2x5.0V digital, 1x3.3V analog and 1x5.0V analog. Adds to seven in all. So, there is no need for high current circuits.

Any comment on the subject is welcome.


2001-06-01 4:53 pm