What type of Perfboard?

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I am preparing for my first diy board project. I plan to build a simple battery powered USB interface for my DAC on a small daughterboard. This board will be installed in the chassis with close proximity to twin tda1541a DAC IC's so that the I2S out of the pcm2706 has short distance to DAC input. I would appreciate input on the following Qs:

1) Does it matter what type of perfboard? epoxy or phenolic?
2) copper clad pads or not?
3) Single or double sided copper clad?
4) Appropriate hole diameter?
5) How much does board quality matter? Can I just get something at the local radio shack, or should I order something from Vector, etc?
6) Recommendations for high quality solder for this project.

I plan to *search* this site and others on rec's about solder kit, essential tools, etc for DIY workbench, but I would appreciate any "top of mind" suggestions from experienced DIY'r.
So you want perf board right? (this stuff). It sounds like your asking for copper coated pcb board.

I cant see any point in getting double sided, dont even know if it exists.

Although some have lines on them connecting a bunch of traces, as opposed to the standard copper circle on each hole.

For the solder you might want to figure out what diameter you prefer working with. You can buy a couple of small tubes for a dollar or so each, until you decide on a brand or mix you want to get a roll of.
as I understand it perfboard is unclad and used for point to point wiring. After you pass 2 or 3 dozen components it starts getting pretty complicated. Keep your first circuit very simple to prove the philosophy/schematic and then progress to vero board - straight copper stripes holed at 0.1in centres or the specialist boards designed for mounting IC (DIPs).
Then the real fun, etching single sided and don't worry about a few links to avoid double sided.

Good luck.
I beginning to think that diyr's refer to this prototyping board using different names...some call it perfboard, others call it pcb, while others call it veroboard (a brand like "xerox" is to copiers).

I posted a pic below of this project (usb interface using pcm2706 ic). The IC will be mounted on a tqfp-to-dip adapter I can get at aprilog.com (the green board). But then I want to mount this dip adapter to another board (shown in brown). This is the board I am trying to source. On this board, I'll mount the resistors, caps, etc and run the leads through-hole pads and then solder the leads together underneath. However, I've heard that some of these boards have plated through-holes and pads that are copper clad on the underside, and that the leads can also be soldered directly to the pads, in addition to each other.

I getting the sense that the quality of this board doesn't really matter? If someone thinks it does matter, a sku or brand would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Mike.
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