What to do with this driver?


2009-09-19 4:32 am
Hi everyone, how you all doing? This is my first post in this forum.
I have recently acquire a pair of this......(see attachment!)

It is an 8 inch Beckman full range with only the following information from the vendor:

Model Beckman 8" 5 Stars

Type : Bass reflex ( Full range for disco )

Size : 8”
Power : 50W RMS
Impedance : 8 ohms
Résonance : 45Hz
Freq : 35Hz - 15KHz
Magnet weight : 20 OZ
Coil : 1-1/2”

1- Does anyone in here have any info's about its T/S parameter?
2- What can I do with this pair of drivers?
3- What type of enclosure would you suggest ? ML - TL - HL or whatever ?

I am thinking of making a pair of omnidirect ful range for music listen only, my favourite are Jazz, vocal, instrument, orchastra-classical.

Please help and thanks in advance !!!


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What to do...

Welcome Sagamotto.........
We are all assuming the T/S parameters are going to be rather hard to find...& myself I can't seem to locate any info also. Do you have any test gear that you can rig up to get the T/S numbers?? Like AF generator, multi-meters, components, etc??
Myself....when I see these big (8" plus) full-rangers.....I'm tempted to build an ultra-simple open baffle. Especially when the T/S is nowhere to be found...and I just want to listen, I get a big sheet of MDF, cut a hole in it ....listen while I decide how I'm going to approach it. Often times I like the OB so much I wind up "jazzing up" the crude OB & let it go at that.
A 4x8 foot sheet of 3/4" MDF pre-cut at the store...I'd go 30" by 48" with the remaining cut-offs for a "footing/stand" assy. A centered hole about 2/3s' the way up.