what to do with 4 ohm p17wj...

hi there i recently bought a pair of p17wjs. the seller said they were 4 ohm but i didn't believe him and won the auction on ebay:D i was planning to build a MTM TL as i already have these. i guess it would take alot of effort to integrate a 4 ohm woofer with the rest of the 8 ohm drivers?

otherwise i guess i could use the the 4 ohm p17wjs and install them in my car.. need a matching crossover and tweeter though.. i was thinking of using those p17wjs and a pair of d25 or d27s if they come in 4 ohm..

what do you guys think?

I noticed those on eBay and thought the 4 ohm was odd.

You could run the woofers in series instead of parallel for an MTM and that would take the load off the amp but I'm not sure about the consequences of having a different impedance on each woofer as it would make it awkward for crossover design. You'd probably have to treat it as a 2.5 way speaker with the second woofer rolling off much lower for BSC or even a psuedo 3 way.