what to do about mean old neighbors?

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ok, so i have a relatively small system in my room. i have a decent sized apartment (for where i live...) im NEVER home, but when i am, i play my music at a moderate volume.

however, i got a formal noise complaint letter on my door this morning. what the hell? i work weekends, my days off are monday and tuesday, and im in bed by 10 every night. who am i disturbing?

i guess my question, is there anything i can do to stop the sound from eminating to people that like to sit alone in perfect silence? i have pretty darn small speakers on the outside wall of my apartment. there are 3-4 walls inbetween me and the neighbor (only 1 other apartment).

i have already put speakers on spikes to isolate them from the floor, and they are about 1.5 feet from anything in all directions. also, im not using a sub! any ideas would help. turning it down is NOT an option becuase i dont even have it that loud to being with...
yeah, i hear ya. i have a really decent pair of headphones, but like i said, im only home monday and tuesday during the week, and i never play anything past like 10pm... i just dont get it, some people are just so anal. can i say anal?

hum, i really dont wanna get rid of my speakers, or switch to open baffle speakers. maybe ill move them into my other room which is bigger. probably not. eh, the lease is up in like january, ill see about finding a new place maybe. kinda sux though becuase this place is so nice, and the rent is very good for the area. it took a long time to actually get into here.

the funny thing is right next to me is my roommates bedroom, and she doesnt care at ALL. she's never complained once.
i went out and bought a pair of ports for my 15" and hoocked up my 1000 watt amp and watched matrix on my lastday of my appt man that was fun even thouhg i spent most of the time making dinner and not w atching the movie the bass WAS LOUD i loved it but now that i am in my new appt im useing a small 8" sub that sounds just perfect.. you can try moving the speakers around the room that quietens it up too you know.. i had a little pair of speakers with a tweeter and a 6.5 and they were loud ..

moving them made them kinda quieter..


What you can do is listen to below 20Hz and above 20kHz:D

O man, I am just kidding but it looks to me that I am the lucky guy having Penthouse (Top of the Building) and below me some guys listening as well loud music, no appartment around the room where my music is. Peter had a chance to listen.

You may try headphone-set s'time to time.

I find this subject rather interesting.

I went thru my whole college life living in apartment with neighbors/room-mates complaining about my music being played too loud. Keep in kind that I'm not a party animal - I just like to listen to music ... loud.

I later stayed in a condominium when I started working and of course I have upgraded my stereo system which can even play louder. Neighbors and room-mates complain as usual.

Now I have a house with wife and kids and even better stereo system and thus can play music to concert hall sound pressure level. I still get complains .... from my wife and kids! Neighbors don't complain anymore becasue the neighbors house are not so close together but I still try to close all the doors and windows when I listen to music.

What I do now is ... only do serious listening when the wife and kids are not home which does happen at least 2 to 4 hours a week which is just enough for me to get my weekly "high'.

As for your situation, you might want to find out your neighbor's "at home" schedule and may be talk nicely to them to explain that you need your "high" every week and that if they won't mind "to allow" you to have some fun each week or to only play loud music when they're not home. This could get very complicated if you have neighbors surrounding your apartment on all sides.

Hopefully this might give you some ideas. Solution for myself is to do serious listening when nobody's home.
yeah, i think i am going to just go over there and see what his deal is. i am only home a few hours a week, and the stereo is rarely on anyways. i just think he's a jerk.

i just cant wait until the day when i can have my own place (or at least with a wife). the worst thing is, i can tolerate noise no problem. i wouldnt care if we both just cranked out stereos way up. i wouldnt mind it :) im really tolerant, but everyone else is just anal about it. a little bit of sound bothers them so much.
oh, on another note though, if he continues to be a jerk, the day i move out, i have an idea...

i work at an audio store, and im sure they wouldnt mind letting me borrow a few things for a weekend. so, i was thinking, a couple of sunfire true subs MKII would do the trick. if any of you havent heard one before, you are in for a treat... they are fairly small, (the biggest is a 15" cube), and they have a 2700 watt amp in them. dual subs, like 120 pounds, and they go DEEP.

ive heard the junior (only 8" cubed). in a 20'x20' room, it shook everything that could be shaken. we even had dust coming from the ceiling, and you could hear air blowing through all the vents. this was from one junior. im sure 2 of the big boys could get the attention of a few people :)
I have an agreement with my neighbour about loud music.

1. Play music we both like.
2. Play it loud enough so the other can hear it clearly. - Not just the bass!

Once, someone from upstairs came down to ask if we could turn down the music. A simple polite 'NO!' is enough. Never heard from him again. :devilr: :devilr:

OOh, did I mention I live at a dormatory. ;)
Hey fcel!

maybe not direct on topic, but: you write you shut all doors and windows. As i tried aout: i´m not able get the difference in sound quality when changing a capacitator in the signal pass or a cable, maybe because my speakers are not expensive enough... BUT if i open doors and windows ( at night to recive no noise from outside) it sound Better! any comments?
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