what to choose??

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Ive heard so mouch obout Marks Alpair 10 gen 2. that Ive diecided to get some.
My question is:
I want to use 4 drivers, two fore each box, is it recomended with two alpair 10s, ore one 10 and one smalerone? in that case witch driver do you recomend fore this use?
(each driver gets one amp chanel)
Is there made any box drawings fore the 2.gen 10 ?

I hope you all can help me out here.
Ive done a lot of car ICE but Ive never buildt home speakers before, but im looking forward to give it a try.
If you haven't already ordered the drivers there a few things to first consider;

1) Are you sure that you'll need 2 drivers per enclosure? - while not the most efficient wide-band drivers around, all of Mark's units deliver quite amazing performance, particularly in terms of in-room low frequency response.

2) Most of Mark's drivers are nominally 4ohm impedance, so be certain that your amp(s) can safely handle and retain sound quality at a combined net load of approx 2ohms.

Having said that, I've been more than happy with quite a few dual driver / bipole designs during the past 10yrs or so. But regardless of which /how many drivers you decide on, there are still a few other questions that a first time home speaker builder should keep in mind:

1) Size of room and proposed listening distance. There are many existing designs that would work well for the 10.2 - but I'm not sure about "official plans" for duals.
2) Many of the more elaborate or higher performance designs, particularly those with small number of multiple drivers (as opposed to full height line arrays), have dispersion characteristics that can be problematic in terms of placement in smaller spaces.

3) Somewhat related to above is size of enclosures that can be tolerated for what we (lovingly?) refer to as "wife" acceptance factor :eek:

4) Using smaller unit as second driver would generally suggest an XO or at least HP filter.
Hi thanks for responding

Running directly from the amp, I would be best off using two drivers of the same size (two 10) in each box.

The amp is no problem. Iwe got four seperate outputs tolerating 4-6 ohm.
I dont think I need two drivers in each box, but I was thinking of using all outputs on my amp, If I have only one pr. box I would have two outputs not in use, and that would be a waste:confused:
But like I said, Im a rooki in this field and all good pointers will of good help;)

The listning distanse is about 4 meters, and the room is aprox 4 * 6 meters.

I really liked the dual setup from Toppsy, I think they would be approwed by my wife;)
are there any drawings out there??

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