What to build and how to do it?

Hi guys,

I haven’t been very active as I didn’t have the room to do anything worthwhile in. However, that is changing right now as I am creating a new office in the house and that gives me an opportunity to improve on my sound. So, I want to put a question into the group:

- I want to have a stereo system
- I want two monitor-style speakers on my desk besides my screens
- I am ok with a subwoofer to cover lower frequencies
- I am not particularly useful with a soldering iron, but am ok building stuff
- This has got to be a bit of a budget build. Not thousands available, but a couple hundred would be ok
- This obviously has to sound good

Sources can include Arcam CD player, Technics turntable and computer but there might be more. ;-)

I currently have an older Harman/Kardon setup with B&W 610i’s and in another room a 5.1 setup based on a new Onkyo receiver with Final 0.3’s and center and surround speakers that are to be replaced next year.

All thoughts, suggestions etc. are very welcome. I looked at some older Audio Analyse stuff as I loved it when it came out, but I am pretty sure better can be built these days for less..