What substitutes are you using for J49/K134?

j beede

2007-12-24 5:04 am
Thanks for the tips. Odd... No one is currently producing equivalent J49/j134 complementary MOS devices in a standard to-3 case? I think the Exicon 10p16/10n16 are also long out of production. I'd like to see how people are mounting the power tab style mosfets where the aluminum "can" is supposed to go. Per the Renesas datasheet the 2sj160 looks adequate for Hafler style ~60V rails.
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In my experience, Exicons are not exact replacements for the Hitachi lateral Mosfets in certain circuits (e.g. Hafler).

While sometimes they can be made to work, many times chages to compensation, bypassing, and / or gate resistors are necessay to ensure stability.

In at least one instance, I was unable to prevent oscillation in a Hafler DH200 regardless of heroic efforts to stabilize the amp. Exchanging the Exicons for Hitachi's cured the problem.

If you want true drop in replacements, stick with the Hitachi's.