What sub build is best for my needs?

I was considering purchasing an SVS PB13 Ultra, everything thing I have read from people who own one say it is an amazing sub.

Unless I could build something better... It will be predominantly for listening to music, in a 2.1 setup I will possibly build two.
Has anyone got one of the PB13's and built one that sounds as good or surpasses it in quality?

I listen to a lot of dub and reggae so I want deep and tight, without the boom. doesn't need to play too loud.

What are considered the best sub builds here on the forum for my needs?



2009-02-28 4:09 pm
Size requirements?
Room dimensions?
How low do your mains play?
If you've got the cabinet building chops, building your own will far surpass anything available on the retail market IMO. I have no experience with the PB13, however after hearing Danny Richie's OB bass on the V-2 speaker @ LSAF, I'm convinced that OB is the way to go if accurate uncolored bass reproduction for music (rather than HT) is your primary purpose...it was the most impressive (not the loudest) bass I've heard to date. He has a plan for a dual 12 servo driven ob sub on his site.....to my knowledge he is the only one doing servo in OB format.