What single ended class A do you recommend ?

Looking at JLH 1969, jlh 1996, hiraga versions(for which i cannot find kits), krell 50 ( even though i understand it is push pull ), Ovation SX.

I found this kit for the krell already made, any opinions / reviews on it ?

FET Fully Symmetrical Power Amplifier Assembled Board Ref KSA50 Circuit | eBay

I also found the JLH 1969 kit already made for a very good price.

I am also wondering( and wandering) about what power supply i should use with this.

Any advice, suggestions, reviews on the above and any other class a is much appreciated. Especially those who have tested one of these against some other class a and found the better amongst them.

I'll be running fostex FE207e with tweeter.

I've read alot about the above ( opinions, mostly , i am uneducated in electronics) - and also about the PASS amplifiers which are cult favourite, i would like to see comparisons with these as well ( not too many words if time is an issue, a small but concise input is greatly appreciated as well )