What remote works?

Were the batteries left in and leaked causing battery contact corrosion ?.
One easy test for operation is to point it at your phone running video camera mode....you will see the IR led lighting up.


Another method is to try the remote next to an AM radio....you will hear interference/modulation.



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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Remotes are almost always easily fixable with the proviso that there is no catastrophic damage (such as trodden on, or spillage that has caused corrosion).

Three things cover 99% of repairs.

1/ Check the battery contacts really are OK and that voltage is reaching the board.

2/ Check that any ceramic resonator (if fitted) is secure and hasn't had a lead-out snap through mechanical fatigue.

3/ Worth doing properly... disassemble the remote as far down as it will allow and wash all the parts, the rubber keypad and circuit board in hot water with a little detergent added. Use a soft brush. Rinse and dry thoroughly on a radiator. Use paper towel to remove as much moisture as possible from 'under' any IC's and so on. It speeds up the drying enormously.

4/ The IR (infra red) LED's often get a dry joint on them through mechanical fatigue. Failure of the diodes is not uncommon and is easy to check with an oscilloscope as there will be loads of voltage across it and no output.
Thanks much for the great replies everyone. No, I have not disassembled, but will do so, and try the IR test too. Batteries were not corroded. I was actually using on another Sony receiver (STR GX10ES) for on/off and volume. I'll try the clean up, but can't go far with the diagnostics due to not having the test equipment and pretty limited elex knowledge.