What paint to use for repainting amps??

I have an amp from Dyna Company that I would like to repaint the amps as it has some light surface rust.

I would like to know what paint should I be using to repaint the amps and what steps are needed to do before painting? Is there a spray paint that is both primer and paint all in one or do I need a primer then paint? Can any normal store spray paint work as well? I have a bottle of semi gloss black Tremclad 'revive and protect' rust paint said it is 'oil based technology'.

Thank you in advance for the help.
The first step is the preparation of the surface, it also takes the longest. If done poorly, no paint will adhere properly. Sanding of the surface with fine grid paper or steel wool and degreasing with methyl hydrate will prepare the surface for paint to adhere. I would allways use seperate primer and paint. Make sure primer and paint are from the same manufacturer and series, otherwise they could react. Curing between coats is important.
I recently painted some metal parts using Krylon (available in Canada) Stone! finished of with some light coats of their Indoor/Outdoor paint resulting in a great pebbly, yet smooth, and strong surface. E