what kind of switches do you use?

i was talking with my dad last night on the phone. he was SO excited because he got a new amp for his bedroom system, a citation 7.1. (nice little thing, quad monoblock, 250x4 monster). but anyway, he loved it, but had a complaint. he said the amp has a tiny little toggle switch on the back. he said he feels wierd flicking a little "splinter" to turn on something so massive and powerful.

are there any substantial switches out there? all ive really seen are these dinky ones. what are you guys using for on and off? anyone thought of building a small aluminum remote control that only does on and off?
jwb said:
If you want to feel like more of a man, just use a circuit breaker for a switch. I personally use dinky rocker switches, and mount them on the back of the equipment. The switches stay on all the time in "standby" more. They turn on for real operation via a 12V remote lead to the preamp.

I use the same and think it's the nicest switch I could have on an amp.


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