What Is Your Favorite Mobile App?

Whatsapp for family group chats - particularly while traveling; AnyList; Remote for rudimentary control of multiple iTunes libraries on headless MacMini music server; Netlfilx for downloading movies and TV series to while away those hours at airport and in flight - much better SQ to Sennheiser wireless phones than any earbuds, which will fit reasonably comfortably over my new Oticon digital hearing aids; Windy; Speedtest for confirming actual wifi speed - interesting how even with 3 “booster pods” the speed can vary from one end of a big room to the other.
Probably more, but those are my most frequently used ones other than Mail, Messages, and Chrome. Am I the only one here who loathes Safari to an almost pathological degree?

mountainman bob

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2019-02-14 12:16 pm
FL Panhandle
Maybe not so good for bagpipes! :D

But it gets about 90% of the Pop music over here, even about 70% of not so popular.

Just recently identified a band called ‘the Hu’ .....a Mongolian Heavy metal influenced sound with traditional Mongolian instruments and throat singing. Quite interesting!
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2004-10-07 6:05 am
thus this question out of boredom...
Fair enough. :up:

My favorite app was a good RGB color meter. Unfortunately no longer updated and doesn't work with the latest iOS. Shazam Is amazing. I've never had it fail. It's lightening fast on popular stuff, but the wheels turn awhile on classical and some easy listening and jazz. Still finds the song.