What is the name of this design

What is the name of this design

The CSA of the mouth opening affects what part of the freq response

from Handset_20120103120908_61.jpg
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It's a Tapped Horn,

This design is based on the MTH design where the driver is placed horizontally.

I think it was Brian Steele that came with the idea to move the driver to the horizontal position to avoid suspension sagging. Check attachment.


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Do these ‘really’ sound different?

It moves Fb a little(according to the dats impedance measurement), but it is audibly ‘quieter’ in the smaller exit version.

what if the exit was on the other side of the box?


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A tapped pipe quarter-wave. You will find many threads on this subject. Maximizes potential levels at teh expense of bandwidth.

Another devolpment/invention from Tom Danley.

Great! I don't mind bandwidth! There is the tendency of users who want their subs to go nice up to 200 or even 300Hz, cause they are using tiny satélites as tops, I don't mind 30 to 80 or 30 to 90 , I can cross my tops lower or use kickbins.