What is the best way to adjust Tone Arm

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Do you see the use for a "grooveless" record?
Does anyone see the use of a cartridge as an acceloremeter for that matter?

Sometimes people don't realise the power of the tools they have at hand.;)

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Rino and all,
duties kept me busybusy the last days.
I see that i post the promised Howto as soon as possible.

There has been a question concerning blank bands/grooveless areas on test records.

Yes, to me they make sense as a coincidental check or simply to save time.
The antiskaing adjustment by ear i descibed in my linked post arrives at approximately the same AS values as the blank band test. I say approximately as each record's vinyl is a little bit different concerning friction and this affects the blank band test minutely. Obvious that the blank band record has not exactly the same friction as the record with music on it and used to adjust AS by ear.

Reference to me is the AS adjustment by ear, but the blank band test can save a lot of time to get in proximity of the optimum AS value. No lengthy iterations needed, seek the blank band test AS value for a given TF, then do the fine tweaking by ear. Only recommended if you have a lot of experience with the adjustment by ear, otherwise the iterations to arrive at the right value are sort of teach-in.
Clipping turntable

Hi all,

reading all this helped me quite a bit on my way with my €5,- dumpstore turntable :) It's not much really, but I can play my records for now...

The problem I am experiencing is this: My phono seems to have a difficulty with dynamics. It starts to clip at higher frequencies when say, the singer volumes up. I'm not sure what's the source of this clipping, but I definitely want to get rid of it!

I don't have any measuring tools, but i'm trying to borrow some. Next, since one of the cartridge-holding-screws is missing, I'm unable to adjust the azimuth.

Does anyone know what the primary source is of ths clipping-disaster??

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It is a bit of a wild guess:
Assuming the problem manifests itself on both stereo channels,it could be :

-that the tracking weight of the cartridge is a bit too low.
-the cartridge tip is dirty.
-you're overloading the phonostage,check if it is set for the correct type of cartridge.

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