What is the best resistor?

CryingDragon said:
Sowwy kinda jacked my own thread there :D I ment caps i'm looking on digikey for some small value caps 2PF to 470 PF and i can't seem to fine one brand that has them all it making me mad! :smash: Schmashy!

Ah! Ok. Now we're on the same page.

Damn, 2pF? Hell, just take a couple inches of insulated wire and twist 'em together. What sort of circuit are you working with that needs a specific 2pF cap?

Anyway, <a href="http://www.welbornelabs.com/">Welborne Labs</a> sells some nice Wima film caps starting at 100pF. For much lower than that you'll probably need to go to silver micas or ceramics.



STK hybird application circuit. It calls for 2PF in i think a feedback section on the amp. I dono i'll find some somewhere...Damn all my caps,resistors,boards,and such plus my torrid tranny is alomst $100 Damn,DIY is expencive. Oh well :D
Heh, those nice 1ppm 0.1% S102C resistors can go for $17 each. Be careful what you ask for when you use a word like "best" in this crowd.

Might be better to ask "what is the best value" within X budget.

Personally, I'd use the metal film. Make sure the wattage is appropriate--a lot of tube amps need some 1-2W resistors in the plate loads. Some people feel carbon gives that authentic (noisy?) vintage sound.