What is the best front panel fonts that I should consider

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Depends on your goal I guess. For what its worth we subscribe to the weekly called "The Economist" (which mercifully is largely NOT all about economics ha ha) and they always include an obituary on the last page. Occasionally they are well known public figures but more often they are obscure but interesting characters. Sometime in the last 12 months they wrote about a recently deceased printer who had a passion for developing fonts that were easy to read. Things are a little blurred in my mind but I think I am right in saying that Helvetica Neua was one of his achievements and arguably the easiest font to read. As a consequence I moved the local parish news sheet to Helvetica Neua......being someone who aims at clarity.

On the other hand a flowing older style script will evoke hi end cottage industry images.... and a good old fashioned Gothic font will create a jarring conflict with the modern electronic circuity inside and may be desirable........
Have you access to a range of amps you could view and compare?
I imagine ads on the Web would give a range also.

Cheers (and God bless) Jonathan
Thanks guys :). That's a lot more useful information than I have managed to find in the last couple of days of searching the net. For some unknown reason I have this strange mental ability to look at a bunch of fonts, and they would all look nearly the same to me. The only good thing about it is that I can read the scribbles of a doctor, or the notes of a fellow worker. So I have been in real anguish in trying to get my panel designs look good enough for me not to be laughed off the forums I visit to show off my feeble attempts in DIY.
I want to design a couple of front panels for some of my projects, but I have absolutely no idea which fonts would be the best to use. I have no experience with the choice of fonts that re suitable. Has anyone got any suggestions for me to try out?

Most front panel markings are in a Sans Serif (avoiding decorative swirls and end caps, and of a uniform line width) Medium (neither to thin nor too thick) font.

In the past Helvetica Medium was the most common. and is probably still widely used.

These days Arial is probably among the most popular sans serif fonts.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.