What is the best 2 way driver system for :?

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yep, no such thing a 'best', but 'best for such & such application'...

That's true, and paradoxically so very wrong. I can assure you with complete confidence that just about any designer will choose different drivers for nearly any application that you can name and every one of those same designers will insist that they're right!

That's what makes speaker designing both interesting and challenging. If it were just numbers, then there might be some agreement, but it's at least equal parts of art and science. That doesn't answer the OP's question, because there is no right answer.

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After a long search, I stopped at midwoofer usher 8948A
and 9950c-15 or 9950-20 - first have a lower distortion but a higher price

what other option i have in this price - eventually for a better match ?

after a brif cabinet simulation i have a 38hz f3 in a very tiny box !
for a lower 28-30hz f3 it takes a pretty big box and big group delay - 33ms

what advice can you give me ?
thanks !
Best 2-way system? Original Advents

I am currently using original Large Advents as my main speakers, and a pair of Smaller Advents for surrounds. This is after many years of building speakers of all kinds, including Dynaudio, Focal, Peerless, Vifa, and other drivers, in full-range 2-way, and bi-amplified configurations with twin-12 inch woofers per side. But the 1973 Advents shoved all that experimentation & complexity into the garage.

I learned how to replace the woofer foam surrounds, and so for a reasonable cost these speakers are incredible. I guess it's a bit like a 1973 Mercedes Benz in perfect condition. The new Lexus might be a better car in many ways, but the Benz really satisfies. As a musician who is familiar with live acoustic music and sound, the Advents lack for nothing. As J. Gordon Holt said in Stereophile 35 years ago, the Advents are the least colored loudspeakers he had ever heard. There was absolutely nothing to complain about. OK, there is a bit of a loss of extreme high frequency, but the incredibly smooth bass and midrange more than covers that slight diminishment.

The old Advents, big and heavy in real walnut veneer cabinets, were a gift from a friend. I replaced the foam, was blown away, then proceeded to acquire more Advent drivers and crossovers from 3 systems on ebay, plus a pair of Smaller Advents in their cabinets, also in need of new surrounds. The matchup of the Smaller with the large Advent speakers for a surround system is perfect. Everything snaps into focus, and the movie special effects with bass is powerful. I don't see how better speakers can be had for less than $500.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.