What is Precession? (like, "Modern Astronomy is Wrong!) :)

This site replaces "Earth Wobble Theory" by a very different explanation of it's cause. The main argument is, days became shorter, not longer, like would happen in case of physical precession.

What do you think?

The Orbital Variance Theory ©, eliminates the present (contrived) "Earth Wobble Theory" as the cause (explanation) of Precession because no "wobble" alone, could have a cumulative/clockwork effect that could produce the phenomenon of equinoctial precession as we experience it (approx. 1 degree every 72 years and used to measure the length of astrological ages).
Additionally, I have searched for the 'Vector Math" (internet, libraries, etc.) that 'proves' or justifies 'wobble' as a primary cause of the Precession of The Equinox, and have found absolutely none, what-so-ever. Anyhow, 'precession' (physics/mechanical) describes (also) a gyroscope with a decaying velocity which, in turn, causes, the polar axes (axis plural) to 'wobble'. There is no indication that the Earth's rotational velocity (daily axis rotation) is problematic. Plus, equinoctial precession is the result of our 'showing up early' (Vernal Equinox) and not 'late' as the 'precession' of physics would dictate.

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