What is Gibson thinking?

Gibson just lodged suit against my favorite music outlet "Elderly"

Elderly's crime; Selling used instruments and brands other than Gibson.

Gibsons attack on Flatiron, Alverez, Ibenez, Paul Reed Smith and etall, didn't have the desired results.

So now what.... they strong arm dealers who will not / cannot stock every item in their inventory or who dare to sell anything other than Gibson.

Elderly has a long history of honest prompt service, excellent prices and great selection.... hope they survive.

Likewise I am sure Gibson will fare well without my patronage!

Elderly is a great store, great people, they do a great job. Not only are they great online, but it is a wonderful old store to wander into. You never know what will be there. You can find an old beater for $100 that plays great - that is how my shop guitar came to be. Or you can marvel at the fact that when a mint 1959 Les Paul comes in with a $200,000 price tag on it, there are already people with a hold order on it. Amazing.

Elderly and Gibson have a long and successful relationship, and in talking to folks at the store, they don't remotely want to end their relationship with G. As far as I can tell, these import Gibson knockoffs were being advertised using the Gibson name. Not calling them Gibsons, but calling them Gibson clones, then Gibson style, etc. Gibson didn't want their name used in the add copy for them AT ALL. Elderly changed the ad copy a time or two, but didn't back away from them as quick as Gibson would have liked. At least that is my impression.

Gibson doesn't seem to be attacking the knock off makers per se, just the marketing. At least that is how the reports seem to go.

Frankly if I were Stan I would box the damn things up and ship them across town to a competitor and be done with them. I think it will work out to everyones mutual satisfaction in the end.
Gibson marketing boo-boos

This isn't the first instance of a good company going corporate and it isn't even the first case of Gibson loosing it, marketing-wise. After all, they still own Epiphone and let the Asian-builts use Gibson parts, names, numbers and designs. What's good for the goose.....
Never say never but I am done buying new Gibsons. Shame since I bought my first one in 1971 and tend to buy another every two-three years. No more.
My wife the corporate attorney and some of her player friends pulled up the action and from what I gather Gibson is setting themselvs up to not only insist that their agent "Elderly" not sell knock offs but to not sell instruments that share market with Gibson.

This is a real shame, from where I stand I can only see that Gibson has generated a fail / fail option for themselves.

If Elderly wins; Then Gibson looks like the large corporate that tried to squash an honest business atempting to serve the consumer.

If Gibson wins; then those people who really profit from Elderly and other customer friendly operations will have been "slammed".

In either scenario the consumer is likely to vote with their feet and wallet.... against Gibson..... a shame.

Having said that I've switched to Ibenez for my guitars and Brentrup for mandolin. In both regards they beat Gibson on all fronts; fit, finish, performance and price.

There was once a time that all I wanted from life was a Gibson or two of my own. Somewhere along the way the dream got tainted!

What I remember warmly is all the really cool used instruments that have been in our house.... all purchased sight unseen from Elderly. Right now four wonderful old German violins from the 1920's



2002-01-07 6:02 pm
cyclotronguy said:
Elderly has a long history of honest prompt service, excellent prices and great selection.... hope they survive.
That stinks. I've bought a few small items off Elderly and their service has been exceptional. The shipping is lightning fast too; packages must leave minutes after the order is placed.
Likewise I am sure Gibson will fare well without my patronage!
They do quite well with mine now anyway, 'cos they make **** basses, and they completely destroyed Steinberger after they bought it.


2002-01-07 6:02 pm
achtung jackass said:
don't forget tobias, they messed that up too. hell i think they hate bassists cos they ruined trace elliot.
All true, but at least we still have Ned producing some interesting instruments and designs, and Mike Tobias is MTD. Awesome basses, I just wish I had the $ for one (ash body, wenge neck and board, 4 string)
elderly should win this!!!
I pray that's what will happen and it won't be too expensive for them wrt legal fees.

On the subject of Steinbergers, I just bought an exceptional XL2. Yeehah!
This must be an ad for elderly.
I personally didn't have the same experience with them. Six months ago I orderd online. After a few days I called since I didn't get an email. They said it'd ship the next day. It didn't. Phone calls and email they didn't ship for two weeks. With no good reason, and no sorry.

In any case, as an owner of a Gibson I appreciate the fact that Gibson is willing to ensure their dealers are reputable.


2002-01-07 6:02 pm
whatsnext said:
No, they hate bassists because those lazy farts never bothered to learn all SIX strings.
You're just jealous because you have no groove....
Guitarists are such insecure poseurs.....:D

BTW, I have a 6 string bass. 30" scale EADGCF


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2002-01-07 6:02 pm
Prof. Amaral said:
Nope. If it's tuned to the same INTERVALS as a guitar, it's a guitar, regardless of the pitches.

Think of it this way: if a GUITAR player can play it, it's a guitar.
So, as mine is tuned EADGCF, same as many 6 string basses, in the same octave as a bass, it makes it a bass. Which I already said a few posts up.
Think of it this way: if a GUITAR player can play it, it's a guitar.

how does one come to the conclusion that a guitar player could play it only because it has six strings ?
There's not only tuning that is different. Lets talk about scale, higher string action, string gauge, sound ........

I met many quitar players who thought that bass-playing was just the simpler incarnation of guitar-playing. Needless to say that all of them sounded awful when attempting to do so even after some practice ....... :D



Owning two basses, though not as cute ones as Brett's six-string