what is everyone using for lcd and fresnel frames

seeing as I didnt have a router I had to do things a little maori, i just got some thinner custom board of the correct thickness and glued it to the thicker custom board to make a recessed edge...


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part2wanksta said:
i need to know what everyone is using for a lcd panel mount. how should i hold my lcd. and also how should i hold my fresnels. do i need glass for thjem also.

ive been out for a while so i need some help

I did mine a little differently...

I built a 3 sided U Channel out of 1/2" MDF that was big enough to hold my LCD/Rear Fresnel/IR Mirror/UV Protection all in one unit.... then I made spacers from wood to fit between each element to make it snug... I found this to be an easier way to ensure that every element was perfectly aligned a parallel than making individual frames for each element. Currently I have the front fresnel on its own frame so I can do Keystone correction, but this may go away in the future, and Ill just build one big "Imaging Unit" containing everything.
i think they mean, U channel for the air to travel through you know, lilke in the lumen lab plans, air is drawn from top down to bottem, goes under LCD, and back up past the lcd and out past the top of the 2nd fresnell, cooling all three items in 2 passes.

im simply assuming here tho, thehehee more of a "V" channel.

This is how mine works as well, keeps everything stone cold, have the rear fan sucking, and i find it only needs a single 120mm fan.. and everything stays nice and cool.


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