What gear are you using with your B1 Korg?

My B1 Korg was built as a two-box set using a Naim NAC 62 chassis & main board with a HiCap power supply. In rotation with a Naim NAC 82 preamp with diy Dual HiCap DR power supply. Source is a Naim CDX2 CD player with diy XPS DR power supply. Power amps are various First Watt clones, mainly M2x and Aleph J, and ongoing ACA experimentations. F6 clone and other beastly amps to follow.
My humble build is still going strong months later.

Currently using it as headphone buffer for highly efficient Sony Z1R headphones with headphone jack, or to a 300b amp driving transformer for Stax headphones.

Also, when 300b outputs are switched to speakers, driving Audio Nirvana 12 inch full range drivers on baffle in a small room.