What enclosure for Stryke SA-071?

I have eight SA-071's to make into something. I'd like to keep the enclosure to 4.2sqft as I already have a box in that size.

I did 3 WinISD simulations. The first (light blue line) seems like the ideal curve with a 6.96 sqft box vented tuned to 35Hz, has a nice flat response, however as I need to live with the 4.2 sq feet, I have 2 choices, vented or sealed. So I did 2 more simulations.

The vented, shown as green line has a F3 that is more than 20Hz better than the sealed (yellow line) for the same box size. So it would seem that the vented is the way to go, then I see the group delay and while the sealed seems to have a better performance, I do not know how to interpret that screen (next picture).

What would you guys do if were limited to 4.2sqft and wanted to use four SA-071's per side? (If it helps, I'd prefer to have high power handling vs. sensitivilty. I'd also prefer a deeper response and not too much of the 100Hz, head pounding stuff...).



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