What does the average DIYer listen to these days?

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What does the average DIYer listen too these days?

This may sound stupid but i would like to know what kind of music you guys are listening with all the kit you are making, i have a feeling that my taste in music is so far from what the majority here would listen to that the kit here would not suit me. What does the average DIYer listen to these days????
I listen to jazz, some classical, rock, anything that is dynamic and percussive. Stuff that gives a true measure of an audio system. Dave Mathews, Chicago, Natalie Cole etc. You'd be suprised at what old heavy metal sounds like through a good system(AC/DC, Scorpions, Kansas, Foreigner). All music can benefit through the use of a properly designed system.
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I agree about Dave Matthews Band.
I tend to go for acoustic music if possible.
Also a total variety of global music:
- Cuban
- Celtic
- African

One of my favourite "system testers" is "The seduction of Claude Debussy" by The Art of Noise...staggering!!! I read somewhere that some guy spent £10k upgrading his system to get the most out of this CD!
Does anyone hear listen to stuff be Default, Mushroomhead, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Hoobastank, Incubus, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Silverchair, Cold, Superheist, Staind, Sevendust, Adema, Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine.

All these bands contain great songs to test out our system, they are often overlooked for reference songs due to the unwillingness of the public to listen to them. Ask me for reco's on these bands and i could tell you 3-5 songs for each that can test dynamics, agility, bass response, just plain excitement value and just brute power.

Ask me for some songs and i will open up to you a new world of music.
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Dave Mathews Band
Elliot Smith
Steely Dan
Madonna (Ray of Light CD only)
Stone Temple Pilots
Cowboy Junkies
F. Lizt etudes
Beethoven Choral
Metallica (Bob Rock era)
Van Halen (any and all)
Limp Bizkit
The Who
Stevie Ray Vaughn
SRV with Albert King
Beastie Boys
Neil Young
Tom Petty
Big Head Todd and the Monsters
Phillies own- G-Love and the Special Sauce!
Among others..

I'd like to get some Beatles and Pink Floyd stuff..it's one of those things...it's just not going anywhere.

Prodigy: Fat of the Land - Far from my favorite album, but it makes one hell of a stress test for any system. I think I even heard this album suggested on a tweakers site before, though I don't recall which one.

Also, I can't forget Radiohead (the bass can be truly scary sometimes), Incubus, Coldplay - Parachutes. The second track has some bad static, but the rest of the CD sounds so lifelike on my system, I listen to it constantly. Also, I'm becoming well acquainted with soundtracks lately, not only from movies (Chicken Run, Antz, Hannibal), but also from computer games (Grim Fandango, Escape from Monkey Island, both LucasArts).
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I would have to say whatever moves me! Seems like an obvious answer, but we often forget the reason we build these awe-inspiring accurate systems is to enjoy the music that moves us. Hope I'm not getting too preachy here. Some of my favorites are:

Steely Dan- Aja is too cool! My wife calls it music to smoke dope to (remember that we are both in our early 20's). She may be right,even though we won't be trying it.
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Aquarium Rescue Unit-- Unbelievable funk! You gotta love the deep-down percussive bass of Oteil
Anything by Aaron Copeland- The man paints a picture with his music that a blind man could see in full color.
Sting/the police
Rick Elias- great songwriter
Phil Keaggy- acoustic sketches is a great all acoustic recording, even if close-mic'd.
Town to Town is a great early eighties rock/jazz lp/cd with great guitar playing
Duncan Sheik- Another great songwriter, talent overlooked often- "humming" is a great cd. The kick drum on track 2 has such a legitimately real and great sound! I am a drummer of 15+ years, and it is the real deal... beautiful... you can hear the flap of the head in a very real way, just like behind the kit... did I say beautiful?
Over the rhine- beautiful female voice, atmospheric. You gotta get "patience"- the recording is pretty good, and it has some great tracks with just voice, or voice and piano
Bela Fleck and the flecktones- If only they'd abandon the synth drums!
James Taylor
Toad the wet sprocket
Dream Theater- Some of the most commercially accessable metal with the highest talent around! Too bad the production absolutely sucks! Totally overproduced/too compressed.
Dave Weckl/Chick Corea electric/acoustic band
The guitar trio- Friday night in San Francisco on SACD, oh yeah!
I could go on for awhile, so I will stop now.
What you all need some more of

Everyone here has access to some way or other of getting mp3's, so pick up these tracks and tell me what you think, they are great system testers and litening to them will show you why. People rarely test a systems sheer power and excitement levels, these are things i crave and i dont pass any kit unless they have these properties.

Slipknot - Left Behind (tests the sheer power of a system)

Limp Bizkit - Rollin Air Raid Vehicle (that opening bass intro will tell you how your subwoofer is performing, and how!)

Boy Hits Car - Man Without Skin (this is just such a well produced song, tests the all round ability of any system)

Dr Dre - The Next Episode (you like it loud and low then get this track)

Hoobastank - Running Away (its hard to go past this song for its sheer musicality)

Lost Prophets - Shinobi VS Dragon Ninja (simply the best dynamics i have ever heard)

Mushroomhead - Solitare/unravelling (Not everyones cup of tea but will shake your house take your system to the edge, ive blown out 3 pairs of speakers with this song)

Adema - The Way you Like it (Opening bass and the bass throughout the song is incredible, itll tell you whether a sub or speakers have that rich deep bass or that tinny stuff)

What do u think of these tracks, im betting one or two of you will appreciate them, about 97% will cringe at the thought.
If I just want some sound in the background, I'll play mostly modern pop/rock - pink floyd, phil collins, Seal, Sting, Craig David, etc.

Late at night with the lights on low, with a glass of single-malt whisky on ice, is when I do my real listenting. I prefer Modern Jazz, artists like:
Patricia Barber,
Christy Baron,
Jeanie Bryson,
Stacey Kent,
Diana Krall.
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