What do you think?


2006-07-22 2:55 am
I am looking and shopping for a case for my Passdiy B1.

I emailed John Ango at Par-Metal about a case:

20-12083A $46.00 12W x 8D x 3H.

I ask about getting 6 RCA and an IEC holes punched.

He wants $50.00 to punch holes! How can holes cost as much as the case?

Where can I get a better deal?
Hello ppcblaster, from my experience working with sheetmetal fab shops, etc., that's not a bad deal to do that work. The reason they can price the basic enclosure so reasonably is because they can make a lot of them, so there is only one tooling and setup cost for many of the same thing. When someone wants to have custom work done, the tooling and setup cost for a single item is where the cost is. This is why buying one of something custom is more expensive then the per unit cost of buying many of the same thing, even if it's custom built.