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2001-11-04 5:54 am
I have recently decided to make my first attempt at building an amp. I have spent the last week obsessively searching the web for the ideal project for me but have been unable to settle on one. I originally wanted to go class A ( perhaps pass labs alpha 4) but have since read a review a lavardin amp I assume is AB(if anyone knows where I could find schematics for this it would be greatly appreciated.). I have also been reading past strings in this forum and have decided that AB might not be such a bad idea considering my experience and budget. That said I am a quick learner and prefer to get in a little over my head the first time I try things. I feel my main problem will be relaying to suppliers what it is I need (since I don't speak the lingo and have a little trouble with all the abbreviations that are used). I have looked at many kits and have not been very impressed they are usually not the quality I am looking for or far to expensive. I have much experience working with metal so the chassis and heat sinks I would prefer to do myself and am willing to make my own circuit boards. Does anybody know where I could order only the parts and schematics to a quality amp including the power supply? Or any AB amps that you think are good. Any feedback and info is welcome.
Both Marshall Leach and Randy Sloan offer well-documented
A/B designs that work well; Sloan can supply heat sinks and
power supply components, and transistors, in addition to
circuit boards. Sloan has a good book on amplifier design,
but it assumes you already have a reasonable background in
electronics and basic amplifier/transistor theory. I also
recommend looking at Doug Self's site and his book; goes a
bit more into theory; Sloan's book offers a wide variety of




Since this is your first project, it's a good time to study
the available projects carefully, and proceed slowly once
you've made a decision on a design. It'll probably make
more sense when you've finished, and then you'll be ready
to move on to your next project--building a better amplifier!

That's how I got started with the Leach amplifier back in
the 70's. (Listening to John Serrie via one of those
amplifiers right how.)

You know where to ask questions...