What could be wrong if running a ground

hard times

2002-08-01 8:11 pm
wire from ANY of my sources to my brand new-just finished -(finally) Leach amp causes a very nasty (60Hz?) hum to vanish completly? ( Amp is dead silent before introducing an input from a source) I first tried lifting the third conductor from the wall plug as per the Leach site, no change. Then I tried using just one of the source's RCA inputs, hum volume decreased at least by half- but still there. I tried inverting the wall plug for the source AC power- no change. Then I added a temporary jumper wire from the source chassis to amp chassis--complete and utter silence even at full gain. Perfect fix. Plays fine- all day long- no problem. OK, I can live with that, but what the heck could be going on that adding this jumper wire is the apparent cure?
I know, another ground loop nightmare!
Thanks for your thoughts and help.
It sounds like your amplifier does not have a solid chassis ground connected to the "star" Grounding point. Make sure that all your grounds including: two speaker returns, power supply common, signal return, power return, and earth are all connected to a single point on the conductive chassis. Also check to make sure that the signal lines are not touching the chassis. Remember that there are two grounds per board/channel in this amplifier. Also, are you using a true earthed outlet?