What CD+waveguide/horn with 12" midbass?

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Story short: Have plans for a big 4-way system based on the JBL 4675C. (2226H + 2445H/2360) + 2x18PP sub/supertweet.

My main worry is the 2226H in mid-duty. I therefore bought HQ 12" midwoofers to get a benchmark. I now worry about having taken dispersionissues too lightly, and might end up with expensive spare 12" woofers. Another angle would be to consider a much smaller (physically) system with the 12" + CD/WG/Horn.

If we leave the 4765C-system out of this discussion (- alternative 15"s is an option here):

What compressiondriver (1") + waveguide/horn would be your choice? Woofer is PHL 4550, and would likely be HPed @ 80Hz to a sub-system. Active DSP for XO, EQ etc. For example: SEOS-12 + B&C DE250 seems like an option, but have noticed that W. Parham was less impressed (due to depth of WG?).

For the record: A system based on the 2360-horn is still the main plan, but I think it would be interesting to investigate a smaller scale system too (less than 6 ft/180cm high/3 ft/80 cm wide) - especially since there will be a learning by doing-period anyway. Gameplan would then be: Subs + 2,5 way 12"/1" CD WG/horn. I know: Should have bought some 10" instead. :D

Appreciate thoughts :)

Regards Johan Rosberg
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Seos-12 have cathced my eye. A kind of aftermath to the Econowave-thing in the wake of the late (RIP) Zilch.Seems to be a good (allround) performer. Definitively on the shortlist. Not sure of the DNA360. Might prefer a slightly inferior and more expensive original (DE250).
Wayne is not a neutral opinion on it, since he has a directly competing product. That said, his H290C waveguide would be my choice. He has a long post about the SEOS design (you might have already read it) here (post #140).
This thread explains Wayne's opinion: 4 Pi vs DIY Sound Group's Fusion Sentinel 15"

FYI, there is also a plastic SEOS-15 in the works, it's only a few dollars more than the 12 and will allow you to cross lower if needed.
Geddes Abbey? crossed to his multiple subs? - are you really going to beat the whole system level design he has put into it

he isn't a big believer in supertweeter though
Geddes Abbey is very interesting. I considered that option a while ago, but freight and taxes here i Norway made me hesitate for a while. When I was in the thinkingbox, the JBL-setup popped up at a nice price, and I thought "why not give it a try". I was also a bit fascinated by the oportunities DSP gives.

But yes, a pair of passive Abbeys would probably have given me less pain, better overall soundquality and also saved money compared to the bumpy ride I'm on now ;)

Still: I think the JBL-2360 horn is as cool as it gets, so I'll probably stick with it a bit further. The 12"/1"CD/horn is therefore more of a sideproject utilizing the electronic capabilities allready needed.

At some point I might give up, and go for a finished solution though. :)

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