what CD buy for tweaking?


Beacuse my old CD is dead now I'm looking for something "new". My plans are to tweak it a "litle bit" :D.
I already have good clock, I'm thinking about new I/V stage (Jocko's) and get rid of "feedback type" PSU (new PSU with CCS, LEDs and CFP transistors).
So - I need CD with good laser/servo, digital filter and DAC chip. Rest I will build myself. I have about 70-100 Euros for used CD, the less the price - the better of course :D.

I was thinking about it for a while and I found 3 options (are you still with me?):

1. something from Philips with 1541 (maybe Philips CD820, 830, Marantz CD-80 for egzample):

+ good, reliable laser
+ TDA1541 (or maybe I sholud pu it on "-" side?)
+ lot of space inside, at least in Marantz
- our long time favourite SSA7220 (no I dont want to go NOS, forget about 1 bit DACs to)*
- old Philips CD looks a litle like "amstrad" style, if you know what I mean, at least compared to my option 2

2. something from Denon (like DCD 890, DCD735 etc...)
+ NPC digital filters
+ good looking units
+- BB DACs (yeah, I know PCM56/61 is not the "top", but is it better than TDAs ?)
- no much space for tweaks inside
- SONY laser

3. buy something else and put PCM1730 inside (BB dac with 8x ov. filter inside - I forgot to write that I have it to, even with DIL adapter, so it's "visible" now :D )

It would be great to get something on PCM63, but I suppose that it's no on my budget, moreover - CDs on this chip are not common in my country :(.

I'm looking forward to see what do you think about my "el cheapo" CD project. Remember - 100 euro, multibit DAC, oversampling, what to buy?

It's long post I know :)

best regards


* - please dont start oversampling war all over again, I want to bo on oversampled side