what capsule to use in a diy measurement mic


2010-10-22 8:56 am
Hi guys

I'm trying to build a general-purpose measurement microphone for under 25 €. I've done some reading on this site and I'm considering using the wm 61a electret capsule. Some people here recommend the Linkwitz modification which is aimed at reducing distortions at higher sound pressures.

It seems that this improvement is achieved by reducing the sensitivity of the mic. Wouldn't it be wiser to use a capsule like the monacor mce 4000 which has a lower sensitivity to start with? Or does the wm 61a have other advantages over the monacor one that I didn't take into account?

Iain McNeill

diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
People like the WM61 because it has a pretty flat response so even though you don't have an absolute level measurement, the frequency response data is pretty good. It's a remarkable part for the price mainly due to the billion parts they made for the telephone industry over the years.

IRRC the Linkwitz mod just too a good mic, WM61, and made it better. Wouldn't work on the mic you mentioned probably but don't know it.