what amp should i build

If power isn't much of a concern try some well documented DIY project such as a Zen 4 From Nelson Pass or a Gain Clone for starts.

Other well documented projects on these forums are a mini Aleph also from NP.

For any of these you will find PCB at a low cost plus the valuable assistance from members of DIYaudio.com

Others such as Rod Elliot's are good starters project as jaycee suggests but you wont find much help or assitance from other members on these forums.

Want to get more involved? have a look at the Krell thread on this forum which is a new effort. There are a number of experimented members participating. This project will bring you awsome 50W of a classic class A power amp.

Have fun...
well....i want power...>200W(8 Ohm)...i'm good at making pcb's...but i'm not so good at all the small things in the circuit...:D...anyway...i have have a few diy amp's at home..2*tda7294(100w..1%THD)...2*STK(120W 0.008%THD..and 3 amp's with irf's...they work great...but they have only 120W at 8 OHM..and 1%THD...:D