What a cool BBS!

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Hello everyone!

I've been poking around this site for a few months now. It's to a point where everytime I get on, I end up spending hours (of work time - DOH!) reading the threads! Furthermore, I now have opinions to express!! Look out! hee hee :)

A little about myself-

It all started when I was three and I took apart my first AM pocket radio. :) Since then, I've been addicted to anything audio ever since. Growing up I would collect speakers (!), crappy ones at best - I was simply fascinated by them - I was a weird child. :) Playing music also was a passion of mine. I pluncked around on a little Yamaha keyboard, playing childrens songs (age 8 time frame). Then, the old drumset came out of the attic and that was that.

When I wasn't pluncking away or banging away, I would tear apart some broken radio, mess around with that Commodore 64, or try to build a circuit without any understanding and release the smoke!

College time! Was it a music degree or BSEE? I love (NEED) toys and EE's make more money than musicians (for the most part), so that was also that. :)

OK... Now, with my degree completed and workin for a livin, I have project ideas festering! Actually, I have a project brewing building a preamp based on the CS3310 with a user interface (LCD, front panel interface, IR remote, etc.). There are 8 stereo inputs, relay controlled to the CS3310, routed to a couple stereo outputs (also relay controlled for muting). It works great, but it needs a box - which has been the biggest hangup due to lack of proper tools (for what I want to do).

Anyway, I must say that I'm very impressed with the knowledge floating around here! I look forward to using this resource as I continue my adventures in audio.

Ooooh...now you've done it...gone and pushed one of my buttons!
Spent years learning every lick Chris Squire played. Up through Relayer or so--gave up when they went disco. At that point I'd already discovered--quite by accident--Chick Corea & Return to Forever, so I shifted sideways into fusion jazz. (And from there to traditional jazz, but that's another story.)
ELP was okay; Greg Lake was never what you'd call a bass player's bass player, kinda wimpy, in fact. Genesis and I never quite clicked. I like the instrumental part of what Rush does, but can't get past the screechy sound of Geddy's voice.
Pity that not one of those albums qualifies in the audiophile sense.
If I'm wrong and the religious people are right--and if by some cosmic accident I were to make it to heaven--the band I'd play in would have Bill Bruford or Lenny White on drums. Alan White would be backup in case either of them had to run off and play harp or something.

I don't think Rush has been appreciated as much at home (Canada) as they should be. They've done very well. Agreed Lee's voice is a bit of a problem. I've met more US Rush fans than Canadian ones.
Hope y'all are enjoying the Barenaked Ladies.

Grey, one of my favorites is Squire's solo album, Fish Out Of Water. I inherited the CD from a buddy, forgot how much I enjoyed that album. Fidelity is poor, as I recall...I'll listen on my Senns and check.
Grey - even Soundchaser!?!? Those are some CRAZY bass licks! You and I need to get together!

What I liked most about ELP was how Keith Emerson would throw around that beat-up organ and get to coolest sounds out of it - and also the insane synth setups he had. Palmer displayed amazing power on the drums - man, the shear speed and endurance that guy possessed - wow! Greg Lake - I'm with you Grey.

Yeah, Geddy Lee does have a pretty high voice. The pre-Farewell to Kings stuff was over the top, IMHO.

Barenaked Ladies - what a buncha hosers, ehh? ;)

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