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Whammy HPA built and working.


2013-06-11 3:39 pm
For sale is one of my Whammy amps. Carefully built with high quality components, this is fully working and sounds superb. All the right components in the right place.

PCB has 2oz copper HASL.
Rectifier diodes are ultra fast/soft recovery HexFreds
Nichicon UPW supply caps, UKZ audio grade on op-amp decoupling
Vishay Beyschlag 50ppm 1% resistors.

Included is a new unused 10K alps pot, plus 2 x 2.2K Dale input resistors and a pair AD8597 op-amps. Other op-amps are available.

The NJR 7915/7915 regulators are supplied separately as the new owner might want to try improved regs.

Output bias is set to around 88mA with 7.5R resistors

Selling for £120

Parcel weighs 1KG - post UK is £7 - tracked shipping to EU will be £15 / USA £20


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