Were are the Aleph series service manuals?

Thanks for the hint Nelson. I will probably build one in the future, so I will keep that in mind.

I was playing with a variation tonight in PSPICE using a matched dual JFET (LSK389C) and bipolar units. The vas gain device being a sziklai pair to keep the JFET at a lower current then alot. It looks fun and I have the parts to build it, so I may do that after I find a tap to tap my heatsinks to mount the transistors to.
I forgot to add the schematic.


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carpenter said:

Only one pound? :D ;) :D :devilr: :devilr: :D

Bear in mind that fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) are about one millimeter long and weight about as much as a mote of dust. Trust me, a pound (being somewhere in the vicinity of 450 grams) would be hundreds of thousands of critters. It only takes one to ruin your day. A pound would be well above LD 50.

Perhaps I missed something, but if R87 represents the load, you're gonna have a bunch of DC to contend with.