Welbourne Labs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My friend, way back in March last year bought a Welbourne Labs valve amp. Basically he still hasn't got it!!!!
I know that Ron (Welbourne) had a family issue a while back, but this is taking the mick.
The guy is still in busines, as I emailed him the other day as an outsider to see if he responded.
HE DID. So I went all guns blazing: 'where is my friend's amp'
Then no word since.
Now a couple of months you might accept, even 6months!!
but 11 months is silly. He has £1000 of his money in his account gaining interest.
My friend has tried everyting, and I am starting to get seriously wound up:mad: :mad:
He still has the nerve to reply to my mail as: 'yes we are back in business'
and yet ignore all of his mails!
He seems to have a sale on his website, so he still has the money to update his website.
Right that's my rant done, can anyone help. My friend is such a nice guy, and only wanted an amazing amp to be able to build and enjoy, not all this hassle.

Being in the UK is hard work for communicating in any other way, other than email. His phone doesnt work/exist.

thanks guys for any help, to help him out. Didnt want to tred on his toes, but I feel I want to help him now its been nearly a year.
I kind of had the same problem with them. I oredered some of there turret boards and when I ordered them I ask them to email me the tracking number when they went out. A week went by and no email or order invoice either.

I called and called them and the phone would always go stray to voice mail. I left masseges but never got a call back.

After about a month I got 1/3 of my order the other 2/3 took 3 months to come in.
I never got any return phone calls from the many voice mails I left but they sure were quick to run my credit card and take my money.

What have I learned from this, Don't do buisness with them again.

How can someone stay in buisness with these buisness practices I don't know.

Just my 2 cents,

I had problems with Welborne also. I ordered a PSHreg to be set at around 6V. When it arrived, the caps were the wrong size forcing me to mount the regulator on the underside of the board. Not that it is a big deal, but it was much harder to mount in my chassis because of this.

Furthermore, the specs said that the regulator could handle up to 12V regulated. When I enquired about how to change from 6V to 12V, Ron said that the caps that he'd included with MY kit were not high enough spec'd to handle 12V regulation, and that the heatsink may not be big enough!

Of course, I get regulated 6V from the kit that he sent me.

Thanks everyone, I will forward all the advice onto my friend.

It's such a shame, because the amps are supposed to be great.

And yes I would love to pop over to America, only ever been to JFK airport for about 5 years waiting for a connecting flight.

Cheers again everyone:D

I wont go on about it, but I'm another welborne casualty. paid for a kit over a year ago and never received what cost me $500 in parts to finish. Same story, no response to emails just took my money and pretends I don't exist. I finished my drd amps myself and am thinking of selling and getting into another amp, every time I play these it reminds me I got ripped off. I even put the side plates outside in so I wouldn't have to look at welbornes logo.
Sorry to hear that, it just seems baffling doesn't it, that he can run a business, when he is so unreliable, and quite rude, in ignoring so many emails. He is basically a criminal, and should be getting a visit from the cops, he must have thousands in other peoples money.
Surely someone out there knows what to do, to get all the money back
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