WAW / FAST and a 3 way....?

Remember, the FAST idea actually means "Full (Range Driver with) Sub Transducer altho most of us just use a bass driver to avoid bass frequencies (<120Hz) coming from the FR driver with the obvious benefits - this has drifted up to about 150Hz in many cases but still is an approximation of FAST

In contrast, the subwoofer frequencies are below 80Hz (sometimes <60Hz) as this is where the bass become 'unidirectional', assuming high filter slopes

Just to be a bit pedantic, most room acoustic standing wave problems arise primarily in the 50 - 80Hz area and secondary interactions up to about 2 octaves higher (mainly in smaller rooms) - 8ft ceilings can be a big forgotten source of problems

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2003-02-11 9:02 am
BTW, why should we call "fullrange" if it cannot fully cover the 20Hz-20kHz? May be because we use it full range or without HPF and LPF? What if we use the enclosure for HPF (or other means for LPF) for example?

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Yes, these terminologies are not fully accepted. I have difficulty when I want to refer "fullrange" to a driver (It can also be fullranger; note I wrote it as one word without space).