Wavecor - Price/Performance


2014-06-22 12:33 pm
I was taking a look at the Wavecor lineup today, and I'm wondering how they perform relative to their price. I've heard good things about them in the few cases I've found information, and I was wondering what the impressions have been from those who have heard them here.

Their prices seem to sit between the normal line of SB Acoustics drivers and their Satori models for the most part - I'm curious about comparisons there since I've used SB Acoustics in the past. Do they perform closer to SB or Satori, or right in the middle? What about comparisons to other brands/driver models?
I have tried their cheaper pressed-frame drivers 5.5" WF138WA02 & 6.25" WF160WA02. Both very neutral sounding drivers that perform well, but don't like a large box. Their cast frame drivers are over-priced in Aus, which makes them uncompetitive.
The WA138 I paired with Dayton PS95 in a 20 L box, good result. I have used the WF160s in a couple of builds, as a single driver in a pair of 28 L monitors, doesn't go quite as low as I would like, and as a pair of mid woofers in a 3.5 way - gives excellent reproduction of acoustic double bass.
I chose to use SB13PFCs for the build I'm currently working on because of availability, & the lower Qt lets me use a smaller box
I used WF182BD09, small 3way with MR13P and D3004/6020. Net volume 18L BR tunes to ~38Hz. Crossover LR2 700Hz. Very pleased with the sound and bass quality. This midwoofer likes loudness and percieved sound is short fast dry deep bass. For bass duty, I like it more than 18W Rev (33l BR), MW16 (18l BR), MW19P (22l BR), SB17CAC (16l BR),... I would not be affraid to use it as midwoofer in 3way, crossed over <2kHz LR4. Due to multiple breakups LR2 is hardly possible. Built quality is perfect, and price is reasonable. I would like to see distortion measurement (especially 50-200Hz) from Hificompass, to compare it to the rest of midwoofers.
Soon I will have experience with WF223BD.
The more I look at Wavecor midwoofers the more I like them.
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