Warning: The SieuThiAV.net web shop is a scam


2002-01-31 5:48 pm
I ordered some stuff from SieuThiAv.net in August. No goods arrived and after numerous e-mails, several attemps to contact on Yahoo Messenger and filing a complaint with PayPal I still haven't heard anything.

My recommendation:
Stay away from this shop if you are not OK with loosing your money and getting nothing in return.


2010-09-30 9:07 am
I live near where that shop is supposed to be. I wanted to buy some triodes from them today. I went down the lane-way and ally where it was supposed to be. The house number does not exist. Anyway their prices are extremely high for Hanoi. The cost of electronic components here is exceptionally low.
I have lived here for 5 years and have generally met with fair dealing in buying components and tools. However there is a business model here based on stocking the absolute minimum of products and then trying to get the highest possible margin on them, even if that means selling very little per week. You have to watch out for that one or you will end up being embarrassed by how much over the odds you paid.