Wanting to build a 3-way fully horn-loaded speaker system

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Hello Everyone. I am wanting to do a DIY 3-way fully horn-loaded speaker build. Was wondering if you guys could teach me some techniques ect to achieve this.

I want the horns to be Tractrix style horns built using MDF or Plywood, around 150w rms output from each speaker and Full-range frequency response from around 100hz-20khz (I will be building a Billfitzmaurice tuba sub eventually). So I need to figure out each drivers needs and how to build a suitable crossover. Ill be powering the speakers with an A-B class reference stereo power Amp then into my computer as I produce music on my computer aswell as listen primarily electronic music and music in general on my computer.

Please help :eek: Thanks everyone! :cool:
A 3-way tractrix in a non-multiple entry design:

Since it looks like you live in Perth, you could contact Azurahorn which is also in Perth.

Azurahorn -Le Cleac'h Acoustic Horn Loudspeakers

This is a great link thank you, Could i make a 3-way or a MTM speaker system with these horns ? and what drivers will i need and where to crossover. maybe it would be good to make active power supplies for each speaker!
Perhaps direct radiator to 250 Hz, then a horn to 1000 Hx and then another horn to cover the rest of the spectrum is a better idea.

I would honestly prefer to build a speaker system up from a subwoofer like the Tuba 60 from the Bill Fitzmaurice designs. Im a horn junky :p maybe I should stick with Bill Fitmaurice designs if thats the way i wanna go? I would just love to have a nice consistent trumpet looking style.
I bet Martin of Azura would have a zillion good ideas if you contacted him - assuming they are in budget. You could possibly clone a system he has built before / a system owned by one of his other customers.

Red Spade Audio, also in Australia, do a big multiple entry Synergy-style horn (so much so that I assumed it was in copyright violation, until I read that Mr Danley's Unity patents had expired). It costs roughly 6 jillion times as much as the Azura, however. I think the part of my brain that read the price self-cauterised to spare me the pain of knowing.

To DIY more of it / keep to a <$500 horn budget, the Klipsch horn that Cask05 (Chris A) is using would be relatively easy to clone, seeing as much of the expansion is conical.

If I was able to build a (big) listening room around them, I'd make such a clone by starting with the cheap 2" horns from VFM audio* (they have similar throat & coverage angle to the Klipsh), then extend the mouth out to ~1 metre wide - using simple glued-and-screwed ply + filler, sandpaper, then a coat of hammerglaze paint to hide any imperfections. Soffit mount them into room corners and forget about the roundover on the mouth.

*starting with an off-the-shelf horn is cheap, gets the throat right (which is the fiddliest bit), and gets you started, thus prevents the paralysis of too much choice / being in the design phase forever :)
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