Wanted: Schematic for Lambda Model 28

cygnus x1

2006-09-25 1:19 pm
Looking for a schematic for a Lambda model 28 tube power supply. I tried searching the web and looking on Lambda web site but no luck. Some guy on FeeBay wanst $15.00 for one, hope I can find one is somebody's schematic stash.
I have an old one , needs rebuilt. I could take the time to draw out the circuit, but I don't know what the proper voltages were when new. Looks like it may have burnt at one time. Some of the resistors are burnt and cracked. Picked up at a ham fest for $10.00. Was told it worked (should have opened up and looked). All the tubes test good at least (worth $10). I don't dare to turn it on until I rebuild it.