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Wanted: Quadral Vulkan MK V parts. (speakers)

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Hi ,

I`m looking for bass/midrange , midrange speakers and tweeters for a pair of Quadral Vulkan MKV speakers.
I`m looking for these in pairs, or single items as well.
New or used.

Also if anybody has the original replacement part codes ,
and is willing to share that information, this will be greately appreciated.

Thank you.
Quadral parts

Hi there!The part numbers you are looking are XX-500 for the planar
mid and XX-1000 for the ribbon tweeter.I don't remamber the part number for the 10" woofer but it's the same for the Vulkan V as the
Vulkan IV or the Montan IV.Are you looking to restore this speaker?
The tweeters are easy to find on ebay as they were used in many "phonologue" speakers.The planar midrange is a very hard to find
item.Quadral doesn't produce it any more (very costly) and was used
only in the MKV Vulkans and Titans.BUT there are substitute speakers
in the market that you could use...What exactly is the state of your speakers?
Hi soundofvoid ,

The speakers` chassis are like new. A few minor scratches
here and there.
But all six speakers are missing.
I will buy the tweeters and bass speakers from ebay, but the midrange speakers are indeed a big problem.
Not that I couldn`t see one for sale on Ebay (or somewhere else) in more than one year, but even on
google there are only two or three results displayed when searching for these . This is indeed a "hard to find".:xeye:
If you could tell me an alternative for the midrange speaker, this will be greatly appreciated.

Hi omnigraph,and sorry for the late answer as i'm not frequent in this site.A worthy substitute (that demands a little woodwork) is the
LFT-10 speaker by Emminent technology.It's a slightly bigger planar
and you would probably need to customize the crossover.Have you done any work in your quadrals by now?I am looking for a second
pair even without the speakers for a new project of mine!
Hi soundofvoid ,

And thanks again for your reply, and for the information provided.
The speaker cabinets are intact. No other work has been
done, except for removing the speakers. If those have even existed on these units.
I even assumed their original destination was some kind
of replacement parts, for those who may have destroyed
somehow the cabinets.
You`ll find more easily the cabinets from Quadral Montan
on ebay.de, if those are good for your project also.
The ones I bought (Vulkan MKV) were the only ones in three years on the German ebay . And I can say I`m a very close watcher of the Quadral section on ebay.de
But an even bigger problem is shipping such units. 80kg per piece, and significant volume. It`s very expensive,
and most sellers accept only personal pick up.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.