Want to build Class D Amp, some advice needed.

Want to build 750-1000W Class D subwoofer Amp, some advice needed.

Want to build a Class-D amplifier for use with a subwoofer. The sub has two 2-ohm coils and I'd like 750-1000 Watts total power. So I am thinking two modules of 375W-500W each into 2-ohms.

Would also like to add a 12V trigger input, can handle this with a 12V controlled 120 VAC relay on the incoming.

I believe I would want an IRS2092 based design but I am unsure which module is decently reliable but also cost effective. Can anyone provide a recommendation? I have no issue with soldering from a kit if required.

Is there a recommended power supply? I would prefer to build it into the enclosure. The Abletec 900W from PE looked good but shipping to Canada kind of ruins the deal.
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